What is Ingersoll rand?

Ingersoll Rand UK is a company based in the United Kingdom which focuses on providing a better standard of living by purifying the air, supplying fresh food and saving energy. This company has a diversified business and focuses on many different products like diaphragm pumps, air motors, compressed air tools, ARO fluid products and graco paint sprayer.

Products like graco paint sprayers introduced by the Ingersoll rand UK has made the lives of many people much easier. Now they can paint their walls and ceilings without hiring a professional painter. A backpack with a gun, this graco paint sprayers can be easily worn on the shoulders and carried from room to room.

Now you won’t have to worry about carrying heavy buckets of paints, spilling it and making a mess. This airless spray does not mix air with the paint like many out sprayers. You know when you are painting with the graco paint sprayer, you are using 100% paint. Paint anytime you want and ask your kids to help you out.

Make renovating and painting a fun, family activity with the new and improved graco paint sprayers created by the one and only Ingersoll rand UK.

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